Johannes leaves the band

Our drummer Johannes Johansson has chosen to leave the band. Sad, but we had a great time playing with Johannes!
So now we're in the search for a new drummer and hoping to find one as soon as possible so we can be out there and play our music for you again.
Stay Altitune'd

Music streaming

Good news people. Our music is back on a bunch of streaming services again. It's now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and are soon coming to Deezer and Tidal as well.
Have a great listening and stay Altitune'd!

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Music streaming sevices


During the next days we are about to change our "distributor" for our music to online services. Such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more. During this time our music will not be accessible for either listening or buying, but we're hoping that everything will go seamless and as planned.

Stay Altitune'd

New drummer - Johannes

We are proud to announce that Johannes Johansson is the new drummer in Altitune!

We are working as hard as we can to get Johannes up to date with all our songs, so we can get out and perform live for you as soon as possible.


Stay Altitune'd

Christer leaves the band


We are sorry to announce that our drummer Christer Larsen has chosen to leave the band. 
We thank Christer for his contributions during these years and we wish him all luck in the future.

Altitune will of course continue onwards and we're hoping to find a new drummer as soon as possible. Meanwhile we will keep writing new music and a few songs are already under way.

Stay Altitune'd